Reclamation Commissioner calls for action on Lake Mead “contingency” plans

Brenda Burman is the Bureau of Reclamation's 23rd Commissioner

One of the most important issues in the recent election of Imperial Irrigation District Directors is the management of IID’s Colorado River water. That water is held in trust by the IID for all of its users. There are some who would like to strip the duly elected directors of the right and power to allocate the water. But doing that doesn’t just impact the Imperial Valley, all seven Basin States that use Colorado River water would be effected too. Drought Contingency Plans must be developed in order to avoid federal mandatory restrictions that would reduce water allocations if Lake Mead drops below emergency levels. 

The newly appointed commissioner of the federal Bureau of Reclamation spoke about the need to work together. Read it here: Reclamation Commissioner calls for action on Lake Mead “contingency” plans | Arizona Department of Water Resources