IID honors Gil Perez for his dedication to energy consumers

Directors Alex Cardenas, Bruce Kuhn, Norma Galindo, Erik Ortega and Jim Hanks present members of the Perez family with a resolution of tribute, honoring Gil Perez for his invaluable contributions to the district and to the thousands of energy customers he represented through his dedicated community service as a founding and active member of the IID Energy Consumer’s Advisory Committee.

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors, during the board’s regular meeting of May 21, paid tribute to Gil Perez, a founding member of IID’s Energy Consumer’s Advisory Committee, who continued to represent energy consumers until his unexpected death in late April at the age of 84.

Perez was an original, appointed member of IID’s Power Consumer Advisory Group (present day ECAC) which was established in 1994 at his behest. He was also first to serve as the power consumer advisory committee’s first chairperson.

The IID Board’s resolution honoring Perez states: “Mr. Perez nobly served on the committee as an unwavering voice for the disadvantaged. His recommendations shaped numerous programs and services the IID still offers that help thousands of energy customers to this day.”

The district recognizes the invaluable contributions he made, and pays tribute to his commitment and dedication he had for the IID, the ECAC and all members of the community served by the district.